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Essay On Box Jellyfish

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Box Jellyfish Essay. 526 Words 3 Pages. Box Jellyfish Imagine going to your favorite swimming spot, jumping in the water, and having tons of fun, when the unimaginable happens. You get caught in a Box Jellyfish, and it is wrapping itself around you and injecting tons of venom into your body, and almost dying. This is what happened to Rachael Shardlow on an ordinary day. Box Jellyfish are one.

Essay On Box Jellyfish

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Essay On Box Jellyfish

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The Cnidaria, or jellyfish, family contains the world’s most venomous marine animal, 46 Chironex fleckeri, the multitentacled (or chirodropid) big box jellyfish, as well as a series of small, single tentacled box jellyfish (or carybdeids) that give rise to a debilitating syndrome known as Irukandji.

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Jellyfish(Box Jellyfish, to be more specific), a cuddly but deadly sea creature, is seen to have large populations in Wakusa Bay, off the cost of Tokyo City.

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A jellyfish is an invertebrate made up of ninety five to ninety seven percent water, three percent protein, and one percent minerals. The shape and size of the jellyfish varies, but most are bell or umbrella shapes. Most jellyfish are semi-transparent or glassy, and their sizes range from one inch to a foot across in size.

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Invasion of Jellyfish essay. Free Essays. The ENVIRONEWS wants to inform us about the cause and effect of the sudden increase in the population of jellyfish that startled different parts of the globe. The situation in the Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana and in the Bering Sea is a vindication of this phenomenon. Likewise, the condition in the coast of Florida, New Zealand, Hawaii and even.


Box Jellyfish Research Paper 2350 Words10 Pages Nolan Hall GW 140 20 February 2012 Box Jellyfish: Nothing Square About It For many people, water is a source of relaxation and comfort, while others believe that it can be dangerous and deceiving, but often times people do not look at what lives among it.

The life cycle of a box jellyfish is similar to other species of jellyfish. The adult jellies, called medusas, release eggs and sperm into the water. In some species, the male places a sperm packet.


This Printable Paper Jellyfish Craft for Kids is the perfect craft for Summer, where all things under the sea and ocean animals becomes hot topic within the classroom. This is such a fun and engaging craft, and kids will love how their jellyfish literally POP from the page and swim!

Essay On Box Jellyfish

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As the DNA sequence was closely examined something prodigious was uncovered, the gene controlling the formation of eyes in box jellyfish was not Pax6, but they have an amalgamation of Pax2 and Pax6, called PaxB. Indications of the presence of Pax6 is seen in organisms without the gene itself.

Essay On Box Jellyfish

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I read the description to all of the different types and the last one I read was the Box Jellyfish. It is the jellyfish that has a fatal sting. I knew that jellyfish stung people, but I did not know that this one has the fatal venom in its sting. I remembered back to the trip my mother and I took to California to see my cousin when I was 13.

Essay On Box Jellyfish

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In true jellyfish and in box jellyfish, the medusa is the most prominent form. They are free-floating or free-swimming, with the mesoglea giving them buoyancy. Medusae generally have only hydrostatic skeletons, which allow the muscles to work against the fluids in the coelenteron to enable the medusae to swim. The life cycle of cnidarians that contain both the polyp and medusa forms goes.

Essay On Box Jellyfish

The Effects of Box Jellyfish Venom on Human Myocardiocytes.

Box jellyfish are also found in popular holiday locations such as Bali, Thailand, The Phillipines and quite a number of other countries with warm coastal waters such as South-Eastern Asia, Africa, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Indo-Pacific. So go ahead and plan that Great Barrier Reef holiday in Australia.

Essay On Box Jellyfish

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The box jellyfish (Chironex fleckeri) is the most venomous animal on earth (Tibballs 2006). Death from C. fleckeri venom is potentially caused by cardiac and respiratory decomposition (Mustafa et al. 1995). Cardiac failure results from the contraction of myocytes which is caused by a rise i.

Essay On Box Jellyfish

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Jellyfish can sting if they brush against you when you're swimming in the ocean. You also can get stung if you step on a jellyfish, even a dead one. Usually, jellyfish stings will hurt, but are not emergencies. Most cause pain, red marks, itching, numbness, or tingling. But a few types of jellyfish (mainly found in Australia, the Philippines, the Indian Ocean, and central Pacific Ocean) are.